• Antique Lotus Club Cook Book With 100 Recipes - Includes "Lotus Club Coffee"


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    Lotus Club Cook Book With One Hundred Recipes - February 1902

    Antique cook book from Biddeford, Maine.  Compiled for the Mc Arthur Library Fair in Feb. 1902

    Original cover is missing.  25 pages.

    Includes the following recipe:


    For a party of fifty put two pounds of the best coffee to be obtained, ground rather fine in a bowl, and make a paste with two large eggs, shells included.  Mix with this enough cold water to thoroughly wet the coffee, otherwise the eggs will cook too quickly.  Set the pots where the contents will warm, but not cook until shortly before wanted.  Then allow to boil hard for several minutes.  Fill up with hot water and let them stand.  Two quarts of cream mixed with a pint of milk should be brought almost to boiling point. In serving the coffee don;t forget to put the cream in the cups first, pouring the coffee on to the cream.  This really makes a vast difference in the quality of the coffee.  The pots can be filled up again, as in coffee thus made the strength is not all boiled away.  This is the famous Lotus club coffee.