Established around 1999, the Lotus Web Shop was one of the first Team Lotus F1 and Lotus Cars related shopping sites on the Internet.  We successfully operated for a number of years but due to other work commitments found that we were unable to continue operations and eventually closed the Shop.

It's been many years since then, and now finally, we are back on the Internet!  We've finally found the time (and mustered up the ambition) to re-open the Shop.

Restarting the shop entails a fair amount of tedious work and it'll take time to get things sorted and set-up but we're actively working on it now.  We'll be starting with the sale of a lot of older one of a kind Lotus car and Team Lotus related items from our existing stock and move forward from there.

Be sure to revisit the site often as items will be gradually added as we work our way along...