• Cliff Allison Lotus Team Transporter - As Rare As Hen's Teeth

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    1954 Bedford OWB Utility Bus Cliff Allison's Lotus Team Transporter - Fully Assembled by Factory

    St. Petersburg Tram Collection Ref. No. 221 1/43 scale resin - 1942/54 Bedford OB Utility Bus - Cliff Allison Lotus Team Transporter - dark green, green and white.

    No. 11 of 100 produced - condition is Mint in box.  Box only opened to show contents.

    Made in Russia.  Stunning & very rare.

    This model comes with its certificate.  Comes as it was posted, in a plain brown box.

    This transporter was based on standard war-time Bedford OWB of Brown's Coaches of Darlington. The bus was modified by Cliff Allison of Team Lotus to carry 2 cars, spares and mechanics in 1954.

    Comes complete with tires for the roof and ramps for loading cars through the rear hatch.